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Re: Re: 3D export of a board



I will like to have your vrml export. Maybe it could get merged to current
kicad tree. I think this way it would get more attention of other developers.
Maybe the code should be marked expiremental and compiled in with
#ifdefs. Current kicad tree is anyway experimental allready.

Please send me a patch, I would like to try it. Our mechanical engineer
is loosing his mind with measuring the mounting holes for the casing.


Dne sobota 10. oktobra 2009 ob 21:34:18 je Lorenzo napisal(a):
> > Some time ago there were some posts about exporting 3D view of the board.
> > I would like to know if there was some progress in this area and if
> > someone has some code to share.
> I have a mostly working VRML export. It's not fully finished (IIRC doesn't
> correctly place flipped components model) but it's somewhat usable
> already. Component models are placed as external VRML entities (i.e.
> included by filename); I tested the files only with blender anyway, but I
> succesfully re-exported them for interference checking (the reason for
> which I needed the export facility).
> I left it alone because of other priorities but if you want it I could
> package a patch against the current codebase.


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