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Re: Metric and English grids sizes.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>>> Command ID? This is a bug, no?
>> Only if you add new grid size IDs then it possible that you will get a
>> warning about an grid size not being available. Grid sizes are looked
>> up by the command ID that is associated with them. The grid setting
>> will fall back to the first grid size in the grid list if the command ID
>> is not found in the list. It's only a bug in my dev branch because I
>> added some additional metric grid sizes to the pcb grid list. The
>> current design has the potential to be a bug every time someone decides
>> to add a new grid size command ID.
>> Wayne
> Then we need something more stable. I'd switch over to a 0 based index 
> into the list of grid sizes, but maybe treat user size as special, 
> assigning it -1, just so it does not get moved in the future if more 
> sizes are added.

I'll see if I can figure out a more robust solution since I already have
made it fail in my branch. Since some have expressed a preference
displaying both the metric and imperial unit grid sizes at together, I
won't change that. The only question is where to save the setting.
Currently it is saved in the .pro file in the pcbnew section. This is a
workable solution as long as the whole project moves together. If you
want to save the setting in the .brd file, that will need to be
implemented. That may take me a bit longer as I am not as familiar with
the .brd file format as I am with schematic and component file library


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