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Re: Re: Libraries - files and components naming


On Thu, 8 Oct 2009, Brian Sidebotham wrote:

Then an electrical symbol can be based on a graphical representation,
a module definition and all the other user fields that we have now and
the pin numbering information.

So that would give you:

* Common Graphics Symbols
* Schematic Symbols
* PCB Modules

After thinking for a while it seems we both had something similar in mind. I'll take an example of 7805 TO-220 in the following.

** Schematic symbol
- Name: Three-terminal-regulator, positive
- Pins: Vi, GND, Vo (exports these for library)
- Binds to Three-terminal-regulator library
- Looks something like current 7805
- Drawing specified in line classes without absolute line widths.

** Library component
- Name: Three-terminal-regulator, positive + specifics (LM7805T)
- Imports pin data from the symbol
- Imports package and + specific component from Cvpcb or Schematic fields
- Contains version specific pin mapping matrices to standard package pad
- Contains documentation helpers
- Exports pad mapping, bom data and what not (Vi=1, GND=2, Vo=3, Tab=GND=4])

** PCB physical component
- Standard name, pad numbering and shape
- 3D optional
- Exceptions for non-standard stuff

That way only component libray needs a few lines addition if one likes to add say, Micrel MIC5201-5 to it. If there is no standard symbol, package or anything, then do it heavy way as an exception. Feel free to add anything I forgot.

Are we set on naming? Actually it may make sense to postpone that too, as it seems there is going to be a whole lot of infrastructural changes that may make it somewhat unneeded in the end. I'm happy with current proposals though.


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