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Re: pcbnew very slow under some X11 machines [1 Attachment]


Jonas Diemer wrote:

Am Montag, 12. Oktober 2009 21:09:41 schrieb Vesa Solonen:

My educated guess is broken intel drivers in 9.04... So I suggest
installing Xorg-edgers PPA or Karmic. I'm on the edge driving q965 and
BFS kernel. Radeon 2D was also quite bad in 9.04, but on the edge
excellent. One can hope next half and year will bring some performance
stability as new driver stack gets in shape.

I have upgraded drivers installed (from x-swat), they don't fix the issue. The latest drivers require a kernel upgrade too for which I currently don't have time - I'll wait for Karmic at the end of the month.

However, I did get my hands on the PC that suffers the same/similar performance problems. Find attached the lspci output. Here I also tried to disable compositing, with little to no effect.

I also tried the open source nv driver ("nv" instead of "nvidia") and this indeed fixed it - pcbnew is reasonably fast again.

This seems to put the blame on the Nvidia driver, like Wayne had thought. In your shoes, I would try and reach the developer of that driver within Nvidia, and get him a copy of Kicad. It may take a few phone calls and/or emails, but its likely your best path.
The notion that the free driver is working better may be a motivator.

Or you can wait and hope it gets fixed via some other means.
HTH, and is better than silence.

Thanks for reporting back on the issue.

Jonas, maybe you could volunteer to create a text file which lists the model of the video card, the linux version, the driver version, and the host hardware that is causing these problems. Future purchasers of hardware could avoid them with this information. Folks could add to it in the repo.


However, I do think that this problem needs to be addressed by either KiCad or wxWidgets, because disabling Compositing won't really be an option in the future for many people. Plus the problem can't be fixed e.g. on my Intel-based system. Plus almost none of the other applications I use suffer from these problems...


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