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Launchpad: Mea maxima culpa



Yesterday I tried to create KiCad project on Lanuchpad.net sandbox, bo
I missed the fact I was redirected to production site on project
creation and team creation. I would like to experiment on real data,
but without consequences and I failed.

Because the KiCad project is created and the KiCad Developers group is
created I would like to know whether other want to make use any of
them, or not.

If you want I submit a ticket for removing of these two (as they are
fake now). Or I can add Jean Pierre or Dick as owner (you need to have
launchpad account). Additionally it is possible to use these created
project and group to play on sandbox (https://staging.launchpad.net/),
but it needs real account created.

Please tell me, what do you prefer.

I apologize for this mistake, it was not my intention to takeover anything.
jabber: manveru@...
gg: 1624001

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