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Re: Re: Kicad libraries for pcbnew


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>>> But my main point of this is that I have little sympathy for anyone who 
>>> chooses to use Cygwin, zero. And the sympathy I do have is probably the 
>>> kind you have for a person of which you do not even understand their 
>>> behavior.
>> I'm no big fan of Cygwin. There are a few useful tools that still don't
>> build on MinGW. For me it is namely rsync. The other annoying thing
>> about MinGW/msys is man pages do not work very well. Once those two
>> issues are resolved, Cygwin will come off my machine.
>> Wayne
> You're so good natured I can't stand it. And I'm an ass at times.


If that's worst thing anyone (including yourself) has ever called you,
you are indeed living a charmed life:) I wish that was worst thing
anyone ever called me. The ironic part of this is if you didn't send
this email, I would not have known that you directed that at me because
I have no great love for Cygwin either. I just assumed you were ranting
about Cygwin in general which sounded like preaching to the choir to me.

Trust me when I tell you that I am not always so good natured. Ask
anyone where I work today about my rant after spending the last two days
removing the conficker (downadup) worm from a least a half a dozen
systems and about 30 jump drives how good natured I am. I'm pretty sure
I didn't make a lot of friends today but the fact that I am not the IT
guy and I have fix this crap really makes me grumpy. There is two days
of my life I want back.

One of the problems with email as a communication medium is trying to
convey everything that you want to say without writing a small novel.
If I tried to answer every email with every point I was trying to get
across, I wouldn't have time for anything else. So I try to keep them
as short as possible without losing the critical information. In this
case, I didn't make it very clear that I am no fan of Cygwin either. It
just solves some problems for me that I have found an acceptable
solution for elsewhere. Believe me, it won't be soon enough for me to
completely wipe Windows from all of my computers. I don't use it much
at home anymore. However, until my current employer abandons Microsoft
products, I am stuck with solutions like Cygwin and MinGW/msys to get
things done in a manner that I prefer on Windows.


> Dick


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