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Re: Re: Bug 2870835 Patch - Inconsistent Label


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D'oh! Patch attached!

> Please find a patch attached to fix this bug. All labels are now
> consistent Patrick.
> I used the last field of the text property in the schematic file which
> is currently ignored, so this is backwards compaible. It will add the
> field to the end when a schematic has been converted.
> If the patch/theory is okay, then I can update the file format docs to suit.
> The patch does the following:
> Makes all label horizontal justifications the same
> Prevents a blank label being drawn when the dialog box is cancelled
> Adds memory to the label orientation, to give normal labels the same
> operation as global and heirechical labels.
> If anything isn't suitable or should be done another way, please speak up.
> Patrick, I agree that it would probably be nicer to select the label
> type from within the dialog (it would also be nice to have a label
> preview too!). At the moment though, I just want to do some bug fixes
> from the bug tracker. There are plenty in there and most are actually
> real problems that annoy the user.
> Best Regards,
> Brian.
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