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Re: Re: Would anyone else like English comments?


I run the script and the results looked very good to me.
The translation helped me a lot because I know 0% French (I could guess some of the French words).
I am willing to help in the effort.
I think it would be easiest to assign a source directory to a person and when that is done, assign next one until all done.

---- Mateusz <komorkiewicz@...> wrote: 
> As I said the program is still in alpha version, so please try to run it and give me some feedback what should be improved.
> I think that script will never be good enough to allow automatic translation. 
> Just think how the source would look like if we mixed the real English comments with the translated one. I believe the wrong translated comments would stay there forever what would make a very bad impression (worse than French comments). 
> It seems there are three of us (Wayne, Rob and myself) so if each of us can translate two files a day (no more than 15 minutes of work with assistance of my program) we could make progress really fast (note that not every file needs translation).
> --- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...> wrote:
> >
> > jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
> > > I understand problems created by French comments.
> > > (Although French language is very easy to learn: I was talking French 
> > > when I was 3 years old only... :-) (this was a long time ago) )
> > > About automatic translation comments from French to English:
> > > when the translation is reasonably good (understandable) : the old 
> > > French comments can be removed.
> > > but I am thinking some translated comments will be understandable,
> > > because the automatic translation has limited (and sometimes very 
> > > curious) results,
> > > and also because comments are sometimes in a short form, they can be 
> > > difficult to translate.
> > > So for such cases, send me a mail, I'll translate these comments
> > 
> > JP,
> > 
> > Thanks for the help. I'll review the translations from Mateusz or using
> > his translation program and I'll forward the original comments that
> > don't translate well to English as required. I hope that there are not
> > too many of these. I suggest we translate one file at a time until we
> > get a good idea of how much manual translation is required so we don't
> > get overwhelmed. If there are minimal manual translations, we can
> > increase the number translated files per patch.
> > 
> > Wayne
> >