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Re: Re: Would anyone else like English comments?


Mateusz wrote:
As I said the program is still in alpha version, so please try to run it and give me some feedback what should be improved.

I think that script will never be good enough to allow automatic translation. Just think how the source would look like if we mixed the real English comments with the translated one. I believe the wrong translated comments would stay there forever what would make a very bad impression (worse than French comments).

Well I don't agree about badly worded English. Anyone who passes by and understands the code would be inclined to fix up the badly worded comments. Just curious, who are we trying to impress with the source code? And by what date and time do we have to have it ready?

IMO, badly worded English is far easier to fix than French, and that is what I meant earlier by the French being paralyzing.

Martin has a proposal on the table.