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Re: Bug - with power parts?


2009/11/3 jean-pierre charras - INPG <jean-pierre.charras@...>:
> Brian Sidebotham a écrit :
>> [Attachment(s) <#TopText> from Brian Sidebotham included below]
>> Hi Guys,
>> I'm asking this here because this is relevant to the current SVN code.
>> I have attached two screenshots. One is with the current stable
>> release 2009-02-16-final (kicad-old-schema. jpg) which looks fine, and
>> the other is from current SVN (kicad-new-schema. jpg).
> I have no problems.
> Are you sure the Show Hidden Pins is disable in Eeschema ?

Sorry for the noise Jean-Pierre. Apparently the two are different
because the old version does not actually remember its setting, it's
always set to Normal, and the new version sets a registry value and
remembers its setting, so the new version was getting the registry
setting. I have no idea why I would have set this to "Show alls" but I
must have done. It all seems to work okay.

Best Regards,