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Re: bad dialogs [2 Attachments]


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Jean-Pierre,
> I am seeing a rash of unsatisfactory dialog windows lately.
> There are assumptions being made about font size, and this is causing 
> problems with almost every other dialog that I pull up in Kicad.


I just looked at the source for this dialog and I don't see any place
where anything but the default font is being used. The last changes to
this dialog are the changes I made to remove colors from the button
text. There may be (is) a problem with certain sizers in GTK. I had a
hell of time trying to get the pin edit dialog units label on the right
most column of the flex grid sizer from being cut off in GTK. It worked
fine in Windows irregardless of the units setting. I finally ended up
putting an additional spacer to pad the last column of the grid so it it
wouldn't truncate the label in GTK. I my opinion this is a less than
satisfactory solution. I tried refreshing the dialog after setting the
units label and just about everything else I could think of to make it
resize correctly. I searched the wxWidgets user forum and wxWidgets bug
tracker and didn't turn up anything useful.

I am planning on replacing the last of the wxDialogBlocks dialogs in
EESchema with wxFormBuilder dialogs as soon as I complete the comment
translation. That includes this dialog.

> Please look at the attached dialog as an example from eeschema.

I can't see the difference between these two images.


> The first instance is the default size which shows itself on initial 
> popup. 
> And thank goodness that we standardized on re-sizeable dialogs, the 
> second instance is what it looks like after resizing it larger. But 
> even the 2nd one is not satisfactory, because I do not know what a "Auto 
> Increment p" is.
> FYI and thank you for all that you do.
> Dick