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Re: Patch: Pin Edit tidyup


2009/11/10 Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...>:
> Brian Sidebotham wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I have attached a patch to clean up some of the pin editing code. It
>> fixes the following bugs:
>> (1) A new pin was always created with the pin command in libedit, even
>> if the cancel button was pressed in the dialog. Now the cancel button
>> deletes the new pin instance*
>> (2) Moving a pin was destroying the display in libedit, it no longer does
>> (3) When editing a pin, having edited a property and pressed okay the
>> next left button click would move the edited pin. This no longer
>> happens.
>> * To cancel this, I created a new flag IS_CANCELLED, this might not be
>> the right way to go about fixing this problem. If not, then any
>> pointers to a preferred method are more than welcome.
>> I spotted a few other bugs today too, I'll try and zap them tomorrow.
>> This patch is against SVN rev 2086
>> Wayne, appologies if you are working in this area and were intending
>> to get around to these. I had to create several components today so I
>> thought I'd have a look at fixing the niggles.
> Brian,
> No apologies necessary.  I've been having way too much fun translating
> comments (yippee!).  I wanted to finish that up before moving on.  I
> figured I broke some things when I changed the pin editing code but it
> was in need of some serious clean up.  I'll try to take a look at your
> patch as soon as I get a chance.  Thanks for help.
> Wayne

Hi Wayne,

One more thing I added in that patch that I did not mention in the first email:

(4) Change the initial focus of the pin edit dialog to the pin name
text field instead of the buttons. According to wxWidgets the escape
key will cancel the dialog in GTK so long as any dialog widget has
focus and it seems natural to me to have focus on the pin name rather
than the buttons. I always start typing before I remember to click on
the pin name text field.

Again, this is another one that might be matter of opinion.

Best Regards,