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Eeschema library editor - seperate value + name


Hi Everyone,

I want to provide a patch to seperate the use of "Name" and "Value" in
eeschema's library editor for a couple of reasons:

(1) It is confusing.
(2) The library format, as Wayne pointed out can support these two
things seperately and indeed eeschema does.

So, I want to add the component Name field to the properties dialog
box, and change the library component save function to use the
component Name instead of the component Value which is already
included in the components property fields.

Before I do the patch, is everyone okay with this or have any other
suggestions, or ideas?

A couple of thoughts are:

Should the value field still be filled with the component Name when
creating a new component, or should I leave it blank? I think filling
it in is confusing (for me), but leaving it blank might leave existing
users confused.

Also, someone out there might currently rely on changing the value
field to create a new component from an old component. I don't want to
confuse someone into overwriting an existing component because of the
change in operation! So this favours towards leaving the value field
blank. But, perhaps this is reason enough to add the Name textbox to
the field properties dialog instead of the component properties

All thoughts welcome.

Best Regards,


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