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Re: Eeschema library editor - seperate value + name


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
> Brian Sidebotham a écrit :
>> Hi Everyone,
>> I want to provide a patch to seperate the use of "Name" and "Value" in
>> eeschema's library editor for a couple of reasons:
>> (1) It is confusing.
>> (2) The library format, as Wayne pointed out can support these two
>> things seperately and indeed eeschema does.
> In fact, "Name" and "Value" are confusing because in Libedit there is no
> value (or, if you prefer, name and value are the same thing).
> Only Name is relevant, and the field "Value" must be replaced by "Name"
> The change that must be done is just change Value to Name in the Libedit
> dialog editor.


JP has the right idea here. Just don't expose the value field to the
user as it has no meaning to the library editor. If you need to clarify
the source code for developers, add a Doxygen comment to the m_Name
member in "class_libentry.h". There may also be some other places (
message panel for instance ) where it is also referred to as "value"
instead of "name". If you happen to find any other places where this
occurs, please change the wording to "name" to avoid any confusion.
Keep up the good work. This is the kind of refinement that makes for
better user experience.


> Of Course, in schematic, the name refers to the library component (said
> resistor, or NPN ...) and is used to retrieve the component description
> (shape) in library, and the value is specfic to an instance of the given
> component in schematic.
> Or, if we are talking in C++, the Value/Name in libedit is the name of a
> given class, and the Value is (in schematic) the name of an instance of
> this class.
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