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Re: Eeschema library editor - seperate value + name


Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :

> But an other method could be a retroannotation.
> This feature exists in Eeschema to fill the footprint field using a .stf
> file created by Cvpcb from info in the .equ files.
> Moreover, Cvpcb is able to automatically associate components and
> footprints from these files
> (in fact the .stf is a .equ file with only the relevant dato for the
> current schematic)
> Could be used for others fields ?
> Advantages:
> - this kind of file is easy to create for a given application, and is
> very short
> - It is easy to modify for and other application or by an other guy to
> change (for all component) dealers or other info
> - The full schematic can be easily updated by re-reading a .stf file
> for instance I created 2 .equ files: one when i am using SMD components
> and one for usual components.
> From the same schematic, i can easily switch from a technology to the
> other.
> Have a look to these .equ files that can be found in the modules
> repertory ( and are created by a text editor)


Great information. Is this documented anywhere? If not, it needs to
put somewhere in the documentation. I've seen equ and stf files before.
I never really understood what they were used for.


See the Cvpcb documentation, chapter 6 and 7, and eeschema doc, chapter 4.7
This is a very short documentation, but this topic is not very complex.

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