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Patch for Pin moving bug


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Hi Guys,

The bug: Moving a pin in libedit results in the pin ending up in a
psuedo-random position. This is due to the pin moving code not setting
the start positions.

Please find a patch attached to fix a bug when moving a pin in
eeschema's libedit. I think this regression might have been caused by
the previous patch I did to fix some other issues with pin editing in

I also think some of the code in editpin.cpp should be able to be
cleaned up because of the static vars being moved to the LIB_DRAW_ITEM
class. Unfortunately I'm under pressure to get a PCB design done so I
don't have enough time to do that tidying right now.

Equally, the static vars in symbdrw.cpp could be exposed globally
instead but it seemed to make more sense to add these vars to the

Best Regards,

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