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Re: PCB Layer Stackup UI


** the first copper layer is number 0 but has a special name 'front', in addition to any name the user gives it.

Clarification: each copper layer has both a user given name, and a layer number, just as now. The reserved token 'front' and 'back' are simply "special layer numbers", not actually in the same name space as layer names.

After declaring the layers up front in the file, throughout the board we will use layer numbers rather than layer names. However, rather than becoming too dependent on the layer count, which changes the numeric value of the back of the board, we will use 'back' in certain situations in place of the layer number for back. Likewise for front, it is a layer number, not a layer name per se.

We saw an example of this a few postings ago:

(layers front back) # a LAYERSET object which includes only the front and back copper layers.

(layers front 1 back ) # I suppose this has to be legal also

Techical layers:

In the case of technical layers, I would be inclined to not expose nor support any "user defined technical layer names". This is as now. But in the board file, I would chose to use a fixed special token to these special layers similar to 'front' and 'back'.

examples: soldp_fr, soldp_bk, silks_fr, silks_bk.

These special tokens are treated like layer numbers.

This way the board never becomes dependent on layer numbers other than copper layer numbers.

Scream now if this hurts, nod if it seems reasonable.


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