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Re: where footprints come from (was Re: Re: Internal


Werner Almesberger wrote:
Lorenzo wrote:

Actually zsh because I was lazy and zsh has floating point

Aah, zsh ! How could I forget ... I guess Dick's choice would be
Java. Awk, anyone ? :)

On footprints:

(footprint footprint_def
(units mil)
(resolution 10)
(const variable_def 30.4)
(padstack pad_def ......)
(pad pin1 pad_def 0 0 (expr 0 + variable_def * 0))
(pad pin2 pad_def 0 0 (expr 0 + variable_def * 1))
(pad pin3 pad_def 0 0 (expr 0 + variable_def * 2))
(pad pin4 pad_def 180 250 (expr 0 + variable_def * 0))
(pad pin5 pad_def 180 250 (expr 0 + variable_def * 1))
(pad pin6 pad_def 180 250 (expr 0 + variable_def * 2))
(pad pin7 pad_def 180 250 (expr 0 + variable_def * 3))

# we should probably support comments, and teach the
# lexer to pass them up to the parser so they can be preserved.

We really don't need much in terms of expression support. Simple mx+b support is about all for positioning a pad with given shape. In the above example, the keyword choices are negotiable. The tokens like *_def are identifiers and would get more meaningful names than the ones presented. Using a smart copy and paste routine accessible from within the footprint editor, using the STRINGFORMATTER that I presented already, a person could copy the footprint to the clipboard, from there paste it into a text editor, edit it, and then "smart paste" it back into the footprint editor. This is an alternative interactive trial and error opportunity for designing a footprint. The smart paste routine would have to report line number and offset of any syntax or grammar errors.

If you want another pad, simply copy a line of text in your text editor and add another pad row or two.

In the above example the (expr) element replaces the relative Y coordinate with an expression of mx+b. The same could be supported with X coordinate. In the second half of the pad instantiations, they are rotated 180 degrees. Re-use the specctra elements where they make sense, add our own when none exists that we need such as (expr).

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