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Features Request


Hello I had a few ideas for new features. Many of them exist in the new builds of kicad and I have to say I love what is being done. 

So for the first:

In the change parts section you can select change all of same type. Could this feature be added, change all 3D models for part of same type? Its a bitof a pain for me to go into each part and change the 3D file to file.x, x,y,z size and rotate. Yes I know you can do this in the parts editor but... 


Pad size changes for a part in module editor. Is there a way to set for allpads which are horizontal or vertical. So if the dimensions of x > y, change set of pads? This would simplify ones ability to change pad size, clearance etc, by rows of pins. Or even better if the pad could be identified as being of a group on side 1,2,3,4 of a TQFP or PQFP etc footprint, and just automatically size the pads to the correct dimensions that would be even better. So identify footprint as rectangular with pins on 2 or 4 sides and change. If this was an option in the editor and the data was not saved into the part you would not need to change the module library format. 

So what does everyone think? Would everyone find these useful?