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Re: Removing the annoying overwrite message in eeschema


Normal behavior is indeed that the loaded project is updated after editing the pcbnew library preferences. But I think whole kicad needs to check if you loaded a project or not, also on creation of a new project the noname.sch in eeschema is irritating. Because if you save a empty project you only have .pro as filename string. So there must be a check to see if we had a project loaded. 

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--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Salvador Eduardo Tropea <salvador@...> wrote:
> Hi All!
> Me again.
> I propose the attached patch. It "fixes" an inconsistency. In pcbnew 
> when you modify the library preferences and hit Ok a file dialog prompts 
> for the filename of the project want to save, if you just hit ENTER the 
> current project is modified (by far the most common case). In eeschema 
> the dialog asks if you want to overwrite ... this is annoying. The 
> attached patch eliminates the overwrite warning. But! ... I left the 
> overwrite warning in the case you choose to save the preferences (I 
> think this is a less frequent action).
> Any comments?
> Regards, SET
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