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Feature request in printing dialog


Hello everybody.

Is it possible to add a checkbox "mirror" beside every layer enable checkbox in printing setup dialog?

It is impossible to print both front and back layers at once with current dialog because "mirror" option applied to all selected layers, but often only one of them need to be mirrored. Currently I have to select front layer, deselect mirroring, print one page, deselect front layer, select back layer, select mirroring (and don't forget to do it!), print second page. It is no sense in saving checkboxes settings in current dialog because next time I need to print I have to repeat the same sequence. If mirror option will be added to every layer, all necessary settings can be selected only once and full set of layers printed by single press on "print" button.

And even better add two checkboxes - "mirror horizontally" and "mirror vertically", so both sides can be printed on one page in correct orientation for home-made prototyping.

Sergey A. Borshch mailto: sb-sf@...