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Re: Library Repository [1 Attachment]


On Tue, 23 Feb 2010, Mateusz Komorkiewicz wrote:

I was trying to redraw a R symbol, according to SG (symbol guidelines:
http://users.tkk.fi/~vsolonen/kicad/Symbol_guidelines.txt) it should be:

-Resistors: length 2.4*DU, pins 4*DU, US version with Bold line

please see attached print screen (first R is original KiCAD R, second is a R
from rcl.lib downloaded from your web page, third is a R symbol I draw
according to guidelines )

Either I am missing something or it looks weird?

I think it is both and my document i not too perfect either. DU includes "outline" and "keepout", so it should be taken as 0.1". Keepout is not defined nowhere yet...

Another problem is that in SG you are using 1DU=resistor width~0.08"

In library editor one can only use mils so maybe it would be better to set
1DU=0.1" as allowed grid sizes in library editor are 1,2,5,10,25,50 mils?

Definitely. The resistor is drawn with 12mils ouline to 80mils (line center) width, so there is 6mils clearance as "keepout". Pin spacing is meant to be 4*DU so their width is 80mils. That need some better wording. Also pin to pin grid has to be a multiple of DU (100mils)

The last question is what "common to unit" & "common to convert" options in
library editor are responsible for?

Thanks for help!

They are for "multipart" components, but someone else has to explain their deeper meaning.