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I have some questions regarding guidelines.

I was trying to redraw a R symbol, according to SG (symbol guidelines: http://users.tkk.fi/~vsolonen/kicad/Symbol_guidelines.txt) it should be:

-Resistors: length 2.4*DU, pins 4*DU, US version with Bold line

please see attached print screen (first R is original KiCAD R, second is a R from rcl.lib downloaded from your web page, third is a R symbol I draw according to guidelines )

Either I am missing something or it looks weird?

Another problem is that in SG you are using 1DU=resistor width~0.08"

In library editor one can only use mils so maybe it would be better to set 1DU=0.1" as allowed grid sizes in library editor are 1,2,5,10,25,50 mils?

The last question is what "common to unit" & "common to convert" options in library editor are responsible for?

Thanks for help!

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