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Re: Remember last chosen sheet size in eeschema (Email)


Manveru wrote:
> 2010/2/23 Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...
> <mailto:stambaughw@...>>
> wafeliron wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > I got a nice email from somebody who works in a company nearby.
> After grepping trough the source i couldn't find out after changing
> values to set a other eeschema initialisation sheet size.
> >
> > I also put it on the Feature Requests tracker so this nice feature
> doesn't get lost.
> Jerry,
> Thanks for adding this to the feature request tracker. I'll take a look
> at this after the next release. I've been planning on removing the
> current fixed sheet reference and title block or at least provide way to
> turn it off so users can define their own. I personally would like to
> see title blocks and sheet references be defined like components in a
> separate library. Title block entries could just be additional fields
> defined according to the users needs. Maybe someone could create a
> library with the standard ISO sheet references and title blocks. I'll
> just make remembering the last sheet size between sessions as part of
> this change.
> Wayne
> These templates should be put as empty schematics files to choose by the
> user. So this is generally good idea to have it fully customizable, but
> I do not think you need components for that. Just lines and texts should
> be enough, what is missing is probably locking ability protecting from
> unintended edition of such sheet elements.

The reason I was thinking of making them components was to be able to
use the user definable fields for things like company name, address,
revision, etc. in the title block. Fields have some advantages over
text in that they can be hidden and searched. However, there is no
reason it couldn't be done with just lines and text.


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