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Code Style (Re: Graphics Abstraction Layer)


Hi Dick,

> Style is important to Wayne and me, and I assume Jean-Pierre, and we 
> will be releasing a coding style document *very* soon.

Style is very important to me too - we had during my studies and in our company enough discussion about this point. Currently we found the compromise, the typical JAVA-style.

My question is, because the KiCad style looks a bit unusual to me and it's not consistent. I'd like to know if there was a voting or if this was a personal preference. The code style should be clean, logic and commonly used in my opinion. 

However, I have no big problem to adapt myself to the KiCad code style (like I've done for the patches). 

> Notice that our classes are all uppercase, at least the new ones.

Perhaps you could elaborate on this topic - I see the problem that a class written all uppercase could be confused with a constant and you need an underscore which I don't like.

I like this:






However, I've learned Java at the university, this explains perhaps my choice.


QT seems to use this style too.

As code beautifier I'm used to Eclipse CDT's build in variant, but I'll have a look at uncrustify. 

Thanks ..
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