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Mateusz Komorkiewicz kirjoitti:

> Vesa!
> I started working with transformers (old and new one example attached),
> please give me your feedback about it, as I don't want to rework more
> symbols without knowing I am doing it right. Line widths are: Bold line
> for coil, Thick line for core, 2*DU for pin length.

This is going to be tricky as I don't have a clue what is exactly right
:) The more I study what other CADs do and what the standard says, the
more it seems the best way is just to bend the standard a bit and cherry
pick what to follow. For pin lengths I'd like to suggest a rule that
uses one DU per digit of pin number. One may extend the pin with
standard 0.06 DU line as layout needs, but pin length is reserved for
smart pin number placement (and rotation when it gets implemented). Is
this reasonable enough?

Attached is a png rendered from KiCad PS output by Inkscape, showing a
piece of a "dream circuit". So don't say you haven't been warned when it
blows up ;). Diode symbols are old library stuff. New inductors are
drawn with 60 mil arcs to keep size conveniently interchangeable with
resistors. BJT symbol is a bit too small to my taste, but standard
defines about twice of the size, which seems a bit too much. Unfilled
(semiconductor) diodes seem somewhat strange too and I'd like to see
reasoning why filled ones were dropped from the standard.

> I have another bunch of questions:
> 1. According to SG:
> "
> -"Reference" on top left corner, outside the body, left justified
> -"Value" on bottom right corner, outside the body, right justified
> "
> what about reference and value for transformers, they seems OK for me as
> they are placed now.

Yes, they are fine IMO. This needs some case by case judgment. If layout
needs centered text, then use it with center justification. Top
reference and bottom value should be adhered to, or what do you others

> 2. Is using filled rectangle rather than line for transformer core allowed?
> Thanks
> Mateusz

That's my compromise as uncapped lines (non round ends) aren't
available. The standard allow only one "core line" and I'm inclined to
finally agree on that. Transformers with static shield between windings
would need the core (thick) and dotted shield line (with line or thin),
but these aren't standard...

All in all, I'm going to ask some well reasoned opinions to steer the
library direction from you all. I somewhat underestimated the work and
thought this would need.

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