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Re: Library Repository



> Here is my opinion:
> 1. We can use launchpad as a central repository. Everyone can have his/her branch to collect their work. When all work is ready, we can collect themand set as the main trunk.

I think it is a good idea! Everyone can contribute, yet the final decision will still be made by Vesa.
> 2. We can also use launchpad as a new mailing list for new library development. Moving to launchpad has been talking for quite a while. I dont see any reason why shouldn't we move. Am i missing something?

Do we really need a separate mailing list for library development? Maybe itis a good idea, as there won't be so many off topics as we have now ;)

> 3. Manveru suggested we can use wiki to collect image of drawings. This seems to be good at start. But when the number of drawing get larger, it canbe problematic. What i suggest is, according to (1), a librarian can checkout any branch (any librarian's work) from launchpad and review it locally using library editor (instead of viewing captured images). Reviewer can go to the librarian's branch and make any comment/suggestion.

I think we have two types of images:

1. In first type we have images painted to "show" symbol guidelines.
(there shouldn't be so many of them) I think we should put it to wiki to create a web page containing all SG in one palce.

2.Images like my transformers, posted only to show something or ask for advice, which doesn't have to be stored.

My point in posting images rather than libraries is that it makes it fasterfor other user to see it and evaluate.

I think that once I know how to draw one transformer I am able to draw almost all other transformers.

Of course it is useless to post printscreens of all components from a library so I think we gonna end up with checking out the branch.


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