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Re: Clipboard support for library editor


Dick Hollenbeck kirjoitti:

> jean-pierre.charras@...

>> There is already a function "append symbol" .
>> (Right toolbar, tool Import existing drawings).
>> Existing drawings are .sym (*.symbol files)files (basically a .lib file
>> with only one component per file)
>> (Right toolbar, tool Export current drawing allows you to create a stock
>> of drawings).
>> There are already transistors symbols and some others (op amps, gates).
> Vesa,
> Does this meet your needs?
> (I am open to doing some clipboard work, because I have it in mind as
> part of the footprint retrieval task set.)
> Dick

I think it is usable, but in case you feel like working on it, please
do. Rotate (maybe also free angle as in 0.1 deg increments) and real
clipboard support would be nice. Thank you for offering help. Some
messages are waiting for my reply as you deserve more than just random
line here and there...