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Re: Python support in kicad (yes, I am --very -- late)


(sorry for double post, I forgot the list in Cc)

> Write a python script, call it from Wizard Fountain, generate the file that
> Kicad needs from there.
> [… repeated more than once…]

Ok, well, i understand your « internal C++ to python binding is bad »
point of view, and I respect it, but saying that this way imply that
any internal interactive control is simply rendered impossible.
Basically, any script is then only doing pre/post processing (that’s a
bit limited IMO).

Plus the fact that in the end, you have to develop and maintain
utilities lib twice (one for C++, one in the script language) for any
part that actually need a « physical » representation.

As a matter of fact, this could be solved easilly in doing that
binding (hold on the bite a second), but then again, I agree on your
opinion. Currently, KiCAD has no support for C++ plugins, this then
makes extending KiCAD a bit tough too. I am not sure if this is
planned, but, here is a proposal : why not specify and add a plugin
system, and then let the binding be in a separate tree, maintained by
plugin author ? (moreover, plugins are usually a good thing to have as
they allow easier extensions).

Ok, now you can bite me…

>>>> - Allow simultaneous work by multiple peoples (for complex boards)
> Don't care, buy a network cable and a horn.

that’s a solution, although neighbours might not like it :P



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