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Re: EESchema find dialog input.


Manveru wrote:

2010/2/26 Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@... <mailto:stambaughw@...>>

3) Use whole/part of word and case sensitive/insensitive search options

instead of * and ?


2) Optional regular expression searching for power users which would be
disabled (hidden) by default.

Make RegExp available as tick box, similarly to Total Commander - that would be good, with probably long tooltip explaining basics of "*" (asterisk), "?" (question mark), "+" (plus mark), "."(dot) and "\" (backslash).

I was planning on hiding the regular expression search check box by default and adding a check box to the EESchema configuration dialog to expose it in the find dialog. I want to avoid any confusion of having a disabled control in find dialog for the typical user. I only see regular expressions being useful to a very small percentage of Kicad users. I'm not sure a tooltip would be useful in this situation. If you don't understand regular expressions, can you really put enough useful information on how to use them in a tooltip?

Leaving default behaviour with * and ? may require some escape character and should accept "?" in annotations.

Escape characters are getting dangerously close to regular expressions which I want to avoid as the default behavior. I am suggesting that a check box be added to enable or disable simple wildcard pattern searching. Anything more than that is probably overkill for the average user.


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