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Re: Re: Library Repository


Dear Tony,

> After reading this thread, I think we need a brainstorm. This is what
> i can summarize:
> 1. A central place to collect our work.
> 2. A new mailing list.
> 3. A convenient way to review each other's libraries.
> Here is my opinion:
> 1. We can use launchpad as a central repository. Everyone can have
> his/her branch to collect their work. When all work is ready, we can
> collect them and set as the main trunk.

Maybe I miss something in this long thread, but I can't understand why
not create SVN branches directly at SourceForge?

> 2. We can also use launchpad as a new mailing list for new library
> development. Moving to launchpad has been talking for quite a while. I
> dont see any reason why shouldn't we move. Am i missing something?

I can create "kicad-library" mailing list at SF for you if needed.

> 3. Manveru suggested we can use wiki to collect image of drawings.
> This seems to be good at start. But when the number of drawing get
> larger, it can be problematic. What i suggest is, according to (1), a
> librarian can checkout any branch (any librarian's work) from
> launchpad and review it locally using library editor (instead of
> viewing captured images). Reviewer can go to the librarian's branch
> and make any comment/suggestion.

It is highly appreciated to use wiki for all documentation.

> Note: If we can have a conclusion whether the library's directory
> looks like(if we need a new structure), we can merge all work to the
> main trunk instantly. what benefit we can have is that only single
> main branch where all old/new approved librarians can 'checkout' and
> edit what they like.
> This is my 2 cents.
> Tony

Best regards!
Igor Plyatov


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