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Re: Code Style (Re: Graphics Abstraction Layer)


Torsten Hüter wrote:
My opinion is to use something that's established and not to reinvent the wheel. That's currently to late to change for KiCad (because a final choice was made) but I hope that next time is a bit more research is done.

That's insulting, and I suspect that's what you intended.

There was plenty of research done. I looked over source code I had written over the years, and was generous enough to spend my valuable time sharing my hard earned experience AND TIME.

BTW, one way to gain respect is to show others respect.

I really don't want or need your respect Torsten.

But I can safely say that in the eyes of some others, I have earned their respect. One of those sources of respect is the U.S. Government, which uses software that I personally wrote, my SoftPLC runtime, while running on Linux, to generate about 5% of the power in the United States. And that number will soon be approaching 8% as the largest power plant in the United States is retrofitted with it.

I'm thinking about a job change. Spend less time taking abuse here, and spending more time over here:


I doubt we'll both be able to stay in this project long term, unless one of us gets an attitude change. And who knows, it might be me.


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