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Switch the LINE_READER being used by DSN_LEXER as owned, and accessible via pointer. This paves the way for other kinds of LINE_READERs, such as one which reads from a
multiline string which comes from the clipboard.

Will still need to:
1) add new additional DSN_LEXER constructor,
2) virtualize the LINE_READER's ReadLine() function
3) create derived class from LINE_READER.

Attractive, self documenting, and human readable text clipboard formats then become possible using the richio stack.

DSNLEXER assumes 8 bit character data, since the our DSN format is a mix ASCII and UTF8, but always 8 bits. keywords must be ASCII, symbols can be UTF8. (More folk lore here.)

So the upcoming mult-line string LINE_READER will have to return 8 bit characters. This does not tie down the clipboard format as needing to be 8 bit however. That is still a degree of freedom.