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Re: Re: Library Repository


Igor Plyatov wrote:
Dear Tony,

After reading this thread, I think we need a brainstorm. This is what
i can summarize:
1. A central place to collect our work.
2. A new mailing list.
3. A convenient way to review each other's libraries.

Here is my opinion:
1. We can use launchpad as a central repository. Everyone can have
his/her branch to collect their work. When all work is ready, we can
collect them and set as the main trunk.

Maybe I miss something in this long thread, but I can't understand why
not create SVN branches directly at SourceForge?

There is no granularity with respect to "write access" to the source forge REPO. A library person is not necessarily a programmer, and I like the idea of somebody being able to maintain their own repo at launchpad. It is less work for us, better protection of the key REPOs and the merge work can effectively be delayed (i.e. queued) for a point later in time.

Besides, Tony has already started his REPO, so yes, you did miss something. As of this moment, only the "new library" work is being done over there.

The rest of the project, as of this moment, is at sourceforge.net. That means that contributors can bring their work back in at sourceforge when they are ready.