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Re: Re: Library Repository


On Wed, 3 Mar 2010, Mateusz wrote:

Sorry, I forgot about that!

We all do forget stuff so don't be too sorry ;)

Please see this sample: http://student.agh.edu.pl/~alric/trafo.png

It looks like I am not able to draw a transformer correctly in two weeks!

DOn't take all the blame. It's quite close :)

Don't you think that now it is too small?

Yes it seems a bit small, because coil was not extended with line to 400mils (4DU) raster. You can skip much of the work by just taking the one in lcr.lib as a template and copy it as needed. Just open the TR60_FC and edit the name "TR60_FC" to what ever needed and save your library. Then just delete the original themplate away when you are done. Graphical items use 10mil spacing as a minimum (dotted line gaps), so you may need to use 5mil raster for centered primitives. Use copy and move at larger grid (say 10 or 50) to manipulate. Remember to fit pins and the anchor on 100mil (DU) grid.

Yet if you find it ok, I would like to change all other transformers.

Please do. My project got in shape nicely, so I'm able to commit more here again. Special thanks goes to KiCad team and Dick deserves a mention for his net classes work. The project used 20V/100mA, 330V/3A and 1.2kV/5A net classes :)

Now I need some extended sleep...

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