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Re: Kicad libraries for pcbnew


I've uploaded a new version of the libs to

I've added the DB-9,15,25,37 and the
DSUB15 ("VGA") connectors, and the TO220-11.

I had originally added the DB pin numbers to the pin
mounting plate, but when adding the DSUBs, that turned
out to be an absolute nightmare to maintain.
The lack of space for some pins (which can also be
seen on real-world parts :-), and the varying pin
geometry made the code unmanageable.
Now, the pin #s floats above each pin (male) or inside
the hole (female), which is a lot easier to do :-)

Also, I've renamed the resistors, so
the name only reflects the pin spacing.
I didn't like the naming, and someone also pointed out that the
wattage doesn't uniquely determine the resistor package size.

There are a number of issues that I would like som opinions on:

* The pins on TO126 and TO220-5 are spaced quite close together.
I think the solution for TO126 is to reduce the pads slightly,
and I could do the same with the TO220-5, or I could zigzag the
TO220-5 pads, like on the TO220-5R (but by only one pin-pitch) ?

* The current libraries provides several versions of the
TO92 and TO18 with varying pin mappings, something that
IMHO should be taken care of in eeschema or cvpcb,
by providing a mapping from pin function to pin number.
The TO3 in the current libs also maps the pins wrong:
The house is numbered #1, and pin #1 is numbered #3.
Are anyone looking into such a function-to-pin mapping, or
should I provide (horrors) the -CBE, -EBC, -DGS, etc. variants ?

* General guidelines on pin size to drill hole and Pad sizes ?
I found a site that suggested Pad size == 2*pin size
(or smaller if the spacing doesn't permit that).
What about drill holes ? Is pin+0.1mm OK, or pin+0.2mm ?


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