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Re: Re: Library Repository


On Fri, 5 Mar 2010, Mateusz wrote:

I made some multiple coil transformers, you may not like it...

What struck me today is that you must have wasted more time for replying to my posts than I spent
today doing it ...

Hey, this library rework continues to surprise me continuously :) The coil pitch currently proposed is quite nice for single and center tapped windings, but what happens with multiple taps? It breaks badly, as taps won't fit on grid... The better option would be 50 66.6... and 100 mil pitch. I'm still undecided as there has been other work to do.

The only positive aspect is that it keeps us motivated ;)

Good. I've also done standard drawing tools as a "tools.sym". There are small and large arrows currently and tool heads on the way some day. Transistor.lib is getting to usable shape, and while drwing the library it came apparent that demands on 100mil grid may not be the best idea...
The updated stuff can be found in kicad directory linked before.

It's going to be a second quite silent week from me as I'm leaving to Spain, more specifically to Valencia Fallas :)