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Assorted issues


These days I'm more busy *using* kicad, so I'd like to point out some things (some are bugs, others just inconveniences). It's a project bigger than the usual (I'm at 8 A3 sheet) so maybe I'm stimulating less used code paths :D

- Bounding box calculation for hier. sheets is wrong. I.e. I pick at the right of a sheet and it is proposed instead of the right part. I'm not sure but it seems it's a width*2 in excess:P

- Moving pinsheet (the pin inside the hier. sheet box) can't be canceled. You press esc, it get accepted.

- Dragging a hier. sheet doesn't work, it just does a move.

- All of these operation can't be undone (undo cancel the previous operation, probably they aren't put in the undo stack)

- Could be useful: resizing the sheet from the upper side insted of the lower side only (otherwise you have to drag all the pinsheet down to make space)

- Found because drag didn't work :P you have an array of wires like this:

--- |>
--- |> Sheet
--- |>

I used the W tool to add the missing part of wire in the first, the repeated with INS. The first wire was 'fused' as one, the other ones remained withdangling ends.

- The whele delete wire/delete node operation isn't really clear. The most useful thing to do for a DEL keypress is to delete till the end or a junction not the WHOLE wire (and not even always the whole, it depends on how it was drawn to begin with). Example:

A 1 B 2 C 3 D
---*---*---*--- (wire with junction)

Pressing DEL on the A segment should delete only A, not the whole ABCD, or ABC, or AB. Also the junction cleanup could be improved, often some 'corner' junction remain or even some 'floating' ones.

- Sometime G for a drag on a power symbol doesn't move the symbol itself but only the wire. Something similar happen when ctrl dragging to the edge ofa part, they may be related problems.

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