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Re: Re: Assorted issues


I have also read your other recent message (number 792), in which you responded to that matter as well. I am not adverse to the idea of enhancing CMAKE for the Windows version of KiCad, but I am currently definitely still a learner when it comes to Make files in general (and including CMAKE in particular). However I will still try to find some time to increase my understanding of these matters.

Credit for the starting point of CMAKE also goes to Mateusz Skovronsky


The CMAKE on windows situation is not like starting from scratch. In a perfect world, it may actually work as is. (If it does, then we should all bow down and worship CMAKE.) The guys that have used CMAKE with Kicad to date seem not to be using Windows, but I see that Windows support was attempted but not tested.

So first thing to do is to test it by following the linux instructions for it in Kicad's install.txt.

CMAKE scripts are supposed to be easier than makefiles, and that is the whole point. So a quick reference to the cmake manual, might get you to completion, should the current CMAKE scripts not be bug free.

For the most part, I haven't had too many problems compiling the Windows version, but a full compile, after doing a "clean", does require about an hour though (versus ~ 15 minutes for the Linux version).

All the more reason to have a good dependency chain built up, so that make clean is not (ever?) necessary on Windows. Either of the two solutions I mentioned will do this for you.

I don't know how many different dialogs there are altogether in KiCad, but there still has to be dozens of them, and to some extent, I have barely scratched the surface so far (as far as improving them is concerned). :-( That said, I think that there is currently less than half a dozen dialogs left which don't yet use sizers, so progress still is being made in that regard.

Yes, your work is highly visible, out front and center. Someday everyone will look back and see your accomplishments.

Dick Hollenbeck
SoftPLC Corporation