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Switchover from sourceforge SVN repos


Sometime in the next day I hope to complete the switchover of the REPOs to launchpad.


You are encouraged to get yourself setup on bzr and checkout the source code from branch named "testing" to a new working directory.

What I used to grab the source branch named "testing", was simply:

   $ cd <to a place just above where I wanted the working copy>

   $ bzr branch lp:kicad  kicad.bzr

The above created a directory below the CWD and called it kicad.bzr. This works because URL "lp:kicad" is mapped to branch Kicad "testing" at launchpad.net.

After the switchover, we will not be committing to sourceforge Kicad SVN repo(s).


If you are a C++ programmer and I can tell based on similarity of identity between your sourceforge.net ID and your launchpad.net ID, then I will add you to kicad-testing-committers. If after a few days, you are still not in there, go to the home page for that team and request entry to the team. If you are not a C++ programmer (based on the history of having committed C++ code to the SVN repo), then you will not be added to launchpad kicad-testing-committers. However, people finding themselves in this situation are considered valuable as translators. And you should be able to do all your work in the "docs" repo, shortly after we move all the translation stuff from "testing" to "docs".

I hope this goes smoothly, but I ask for some patience and understanding in advance should it not.

Thanks for your patience.


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