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Re: I have a request in to convert sourceforge bug database.


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
I also have some reluctance to even keep old *closed* bug reports.  What
do you think?

The closed bug reports may be helpful for folks who may submit a bug
report for a bug that has already been submitted.  Although, this
assumes that the submitter will check to see if the bug has already been
submitted.  I was triaging bug reports yesterday and my experience would
suggest that this may be wishful thinking.  There are a significant
number of duplicate bug reports.

Here is the conversion program I used:


Does this program keep "Feature Requests" in the output or not?

Given the similarity between the bug reporting and feature request pages
on SourceForge, it may be that the feature requests were part of the
same database and got pulled in by your conversion program.  The best
way to find this out may be to see what gets pulled into the launchpad
bug tracker rather than try to determine that by sifting through a huge
xml file.

Do we want them there, in the bug database?

That is not an easy question to answer.  There is not a clean one-to-one
mapping of concepts between SourceForge and Launchpad.  For example
there was a feature request for the component library editor to support
rotating using the 'r' hot key (which I closed since it is already
fixed).  Does this feature request really need a blueprint?  Probably
not.  It could just as well been a bug report although not technically a
bug.  On the other hand, there is a feature request to add line and
cross style grid display.  This seems like an ideal candidate for a
blueprint.  We may have to live with some of these items getting lost in
the shuffle or hand sorting them as we find them.  It would be nice if
we could send out a mass email to let everyone submitted a bug report or
feature request know that we have moved the project to launchpad and
some of the bugs and feature requests may have been lost in the move.
This may be more work than it's worth.  At the very least we can put a
message on the Wiki and post a message to the users group.

Thanks Wayne,

The current status is at the "question" given below. It looks our feature requests will be handled as bugs, but with the "importance" field set to "wishlist".

It looks like they won't be there until late in the day Monday:


As something "graduates" from wishlist status to a real contemplated solution with implementation strategy, it can be entered then into a "blueprint" by a developer, presumably the one wanting to code it.


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