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Re: I have a request in to convert sourceforge bug database.


 It looks our feature requests will be handled as bugs, but with the
 "importance" field set to "wishlist".

 As something "graduates" from wishlist status to a real contemplated
 solution with implementation strategy, it can be entered then into a
 "blueprint" by a developer, presumably the one wanting to code it.

I'm wondering if we'd have less to do if it was harder to enter an Enhancement Request?


Most "user" folks will probably continue to simply mention these on the user's list, and that would not be a bad thing. Because otherwise they have to become a member of "Kicad-Developers" to add to "Bugs". This then puts them within reach of the developer's mailing list. After a while I fear the nature of the developer's mailing list could drift away from actual development discussions, towards that of purely support.

So until we get more experience, I would be inclined to not publish the "Enhancement Request" storage mechanism in the Bug database. Things often get clear with more experience.


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