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Re: Is there a problem with me?


Alain Portal wrote:

All is in the subject!

I CCed you when I answered a question to the list I didn't success to subscribe, hoping you moderated my post, and I don't see my post...

I reported last week 3 bugs (still presents :- ( ) that have been closed without any explanation and fix.

So, « Is there a problem with me ?  »



It looks like you ARE a member of the team "kicad-developers".  Then:

1) you have to separately join the mailing list.

2) when sending messages to the list:

   A) send to:  kicad-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

B) make sure your email client has a "From:" address equal to the one you used when you registered in the team for your identity.

Postings from team members are not moderated, only *from* non-members. This is why your From: field is important, and is why getting spam onto the list is not trivial.


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