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Re: Switchover from sourceforge SVN repos


On 10 April 2010 06:13, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The last SVN revision was 2507.   My *guess* is that the discrepancy in
> version numbers is related to the differences in the way file renaming is
> handled.  Bazaar has richer support for it, whereas svn treats it as a
> deletion followed by an add.   Take your own guess, it is likely to be as
> good as mine.
> So if bzr can handle a rename operation in one revision count, and svn needs
> two, spread this out over the history of the repo and you end up with a big
> delta in revision number.
> Again, only a guess, but I tend to guess well.

Thanks for your guess Dick, it's much better than mine (Which was
non-existent!). Thank you.

Best Regards,