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Re: Switchover from sourceforge SVN repos


Brian Sidebotham wrote:

Hi Dick,

I was just looking at what I need to change in a patch that was
against the old SVN revision 2464.

I checked out the code repository using bazaar (which I'm a fan of, I
really like local branching! :)):

$ bzr branch lp:kicad bzr-head

which gives the following output:

"Branched 2343 revisions"

So the following:

$ bzr diff -r 2464

fails with the output:

"error: requested revision u'2464' not found in branch...."

Which seams reasonable given only 2343 revisions are branched. Back
over in the latest sourceforge SVN copy, a quick svn info outputs
"Last changed ref 2518" and under my local svn copy:

$ svn diff -r 2464

works okay and gives me the expected output.

So, I am wondering if the revision numbering has got a bit skewed and
if this is something we're aware of?

I just thought I'd raise this now just in case something has gone
wrong with the transfer.

Best Regards,


The last SVN revision was 2507. My *guess* is that the discrepancy in version numbers is related to the differences in the way file renaming is handled. Bazaar has richer support for it, whereas svn treats it as a deletion followed by an add. Take your own guess, it is likely to be as good as mine.

So if bzr can handle a rename operation in one revision count, and svn needs two, spread this out over the history of the repo and you end up with a big delta in revision number.

Again, only a guess, but I tend to guess well.

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