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Re: BOM support


>> What we need is almost entirely present in the existing *generic
>> netlist exporter*. (EESCHEMA -> Netlist -> Add Plugin).
> I am happy you are thinking to use this approach.
> Write_GENERIC_NetList() could have some minor problems in complex
> hierarchies (about timestamp/sheet path). (I can fix them, if you
> want)

Thanks Jean-Pierre.

Please wait until after I commit next.

> It should be usable. Write_GENERIC_NetList() is mainly intended to
> create files very easy to read.

Yes, now by readily available parsers.

> netlist_form_pads-pcb.cpp is of course useful for guys who have to
> create pads-pcb netlists, but can be mainly seen as a sample to
> create custom formats. So fix this file after changes is very
> interesting.

I said I would do it.  It can be done using a number of strategies now. 
I might be inclined to see what Brian comes up with in python first. 
There is python, xslt, and C++ available for this.

> In fact i am thinking others netlist formats (pspice, cadstar) could
> use this intermediate format, and could be removed from the eeschema
> code itself.

That was not on my commitment list, but I'll take it as an endorsement
of the strategy and concepts that pave the way for future work by others.

Please note that I still am in favor of using S-expressions for our new
data files.  I think they read better, and if you go way way back to
where I first proposed using them for basically everything, I also said
we would have a round-tripper to xml that could be used by folks who
preferred to have it in XML for some external utility.

This is a special situation where I could not wait for the S-expressions
and want to involve XML tools earlier.

>> 3) Work with Brian to write one or more python scripts, which will
>> basically fix bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/581153
>> 4) Commit the C++ improvements I made yesterday to the existing
>> BOM generator and keep them until a higher authority deletes them.
>> 5) I bail on fixing bug
>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/581153 in C++, which I deem
>> being a lost cause, because I think the BOM generator C++ is a lost
>> cause.  Use any one of the python scripts to overcome it.
>> Dick