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Re: BOM support



On Fri, 30 Jul 2010, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:

> >I fact I use very few the BOM generator.
> It's meant to be used as a final reporting tool, I'm not surprised of
> this...

One of the most important iterative uses BOM generation is for
price estimation.  A BOM that is easily importable to something
like Digi-key's quotation tool is important for that goal.  If
the BOM list was usable without masssage, I would be
regenerating it every time a components are added to or removed
from the schematic design to arrive at another price estimation.

For this, what one really needs is the vendor, vendor part
number (for the vendor price being estimated) and quantity
(where quantity might be the one-up quantity multiplied by the
 number of boards).

Importing the existing BOM into a spreadsheet, fixing up the
missing fields, regenerating the BOM, importing into vendor web
tool, is too much of a pain.

It might be nice to be able to export simple BOM to separate
files, by vendor, to do so.

Maybe this is something that a separate AVL tool should, do,
but what I really wanted to point out is that BOM generation
is not just a final output.


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