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Re: BOM support


On 07/31/2010 03:42 PM, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> For eventual BOM generation, we may have to provide even more
>> flexibility, so this may not be the final behavior, but with this email
>> I am trying to get you the ability to generate these files here, nothing
>> more yet.
> I think you are on the right track - might be that dealing with BOM may best be dealt as a plug-in? 
> - kicad can serve up the basic data as XML and then any and all can write the ultimate BOM interface.

Exactly and you can start some BOM experimentation work now.  The only
thing missing of substance are the fields which will come out within the

Just identify your plugin in the netlist export dialog, and its command
line arguments for now are

"path/translator  <exportedfile>.tmp  <exportedfile>.net"

i.e. it is given the two arguments and this command line is built up
from within eeschema based on the file selection dialog, whose root
filename is used to formulate <exportedfile> base filename.

I think this will change though to give you more control.  I will
probably code up some place holder arguments like this:

"path/translator -xyzTranlatorFlags %I %O"

Where %I, %O and perhaps others can mean distinct runtime substituted
arguments or filenames.

Please share your BOM goodnesses with others,   although I think Brian
is doing the heavy work under the limelight.


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