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Re: BOM support


On 08/04/2010 08:30 PM, Frank bennett wrote:
> Dick:
>    Good to see this effort.
> Back in  2008-03-26 I left a xml4pcb project @ sourceforge to do an
> import xml
> from PCB123 to KiCad-pcbnew. I had used PCB123 for some prototype dev
> board
> expansions (before I used KiCad) and wanted to learn xml a bit. 
> PCB123 does not
> support Gerber out but  I noticed a XML template output function.
> Anyway I was
> pretty happy with the results using expat as the parser and
> pcb123kicad does a
> pretty good conversion. Also a pretty print XML can be found  there. I
> was
> thinking about checking out where you guys are this weekend and
> starting an
> xml2ver, a verilog netlister, for those that want to do FPGA design
> captured via
> EEschema and I'm always looking for a better BOM creation.
> I suggest it's a good time to start a KiCad/contrib directory as a
> home for converters.
> -Frank Bennett <http://mathegraphics.com/>


What would the xml2er converter do?  Have you looked at eeschema's XML
export yet?  Would there not need to be "boolean logic foundation
component" library for you to generate verilog, like AND and OR gates, etc?

The more I look at PyQt4, the better it looks.  It has a python layer on
top of a decent Qt XML library.  How's your python?

Tell us more, and feel free to add more stuff that you might need into
the XML export.  I changed the topmost element name from

<netlist> to <export> this morning, in anticipation of more goodies
coming into it.


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