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Re: A few extra component footprins


On Sat, 14 Aug 2010, Alex G wrote:

I've made them 6.8 (6.4 nut diameter + 0.2 tolerance from the hole (M3
in 3.2mm hole) + 0.2 safety margin).

Nice completeness with details...

I've pushed all the latest changes there already. Feel free to grab them.

I feel that, except for the coloring problem, the packages are ready.

Thank you. I've looked at the wrl files with text editor and it seems you need to define "material classes" which are bound to objects. If you compare Oyvinds files and these, the thing gets clear. It is possible to copy-paste the definitions there, but I didn't try it yet. Can you check your toolset regarding material definitions? Otherwise we need to do some manual work. Anyway, your footprints and 3D-models are excellent :)


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